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Thread: SSF Guide & Trouble shooter

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    Default SSF Guide & Trouble shooter

    SSF General Guide
    • Sorry the Compat list has gone, I have looked for a replacement but the ones I found are either very out of date or are simply wrong with games they say don't work that work fine ect,
    • Most games run just fine now, but please post in a new thread if you are having other issues outside of what I have outlined in this thread.
    • If you require an older version of SSF go here
    • If you want the latest version of SSF go here
    • You will also require the bios file to be in the main folder of SSF, you can get that here (needs to be extracted)
    • Now all you need is a virtual CD-Rom drive, I strongly recommend D-Tools Lite for this that you can get here (free lite version will do)
    • Install D-Tools fully including SPTD drivers [Windows 10 does not require SPTD] [Gadgets and bonus software needn't be installed] (restart will be required)
    • Now you are ready to run SSF for the first time
    • Once this has started you will need setup the CD-Rom drive in SSF by clicking on Option(O) then Option(O)
    • Once in the Option screen you can change the drive to the virtual drive
    • While your here you can also set your default region, recommend you set this to America, Canada, Brazil
    • Check the Cartridge is set to "4MBytes Ram" (default on the latest version)
    • Check the bios file path is setup correctly. (default should be correct)
    • Setup your controller and any other custom settings while you are here then close the Option screen
    • Now close the emulator down completely for now (this applies all changes to the settings)
    • Start SSF up again
    • Go through the first time setup for the Saturn console
    • After you setup the Date ect you can then go to the top middle option
    • Select Memory Manager and Clear both internal and external Memory (this should already be done in the latest version)
    • Now you can mount a disc image via D-Tools Lite
    • SSF should automatically start your game
    • You can find games for this system here

    Disc Unsuitable for this system

    If you see the above it can be for a small number of problems
    1. The region settings are incorrect for the disc you are attempting to run
      If this is the case the hit Option(O)>Option(O) and then change the region there (close the Option screen then the emu to save the setup for that disc)
      Then run SSF from scratch and try running your game again

    2. The Cue sheet is messed up
      If 1. fails this is the next thing to check, (make sure you unmount it from D-Tools Lite first)
      open the cue file via Notepad, then look at the first line
      If the bin file listed has a path to the bin listed remove the path.

      e.g. change if the game bin file is 070 CONTRA LEGACY OF WAR (U).BIN and the first line is
      FILE "C:\SATURN\070 CONTRA LEGACY OF WAR (U).BIN" BINARY change it to read FILE "070 CONTRA LEGACY OF WAR (U).BIN" BINARY instead and that will fix that

    3. The Binary file has errors
      If 2. fails this is the next step to take, (make sure you unmount it from D-Tools Lite first)
      Download CD-Mage here
      Run CD-Mage (after extracting it)
      Then open the CD Image via the cue file in CD-Mage (corrected in 2. if needs be)
      Click Action>Scan for corruption then wait for completion
      If errors are found then just click Action>Repair Corrupted Sectors
      Try your game for the final time

      For a full guide on how to use CD-Mage go here

    SSF does not fully start up but worked before
    (All that you can see is File and no other option is visible)

    • If it done this the first time you run it, just give it time to start, it's normal...
    • Ok for this issue you should try running SSF without a game mounted in D-Tools
      If that alone does not fix it remove the Settings ini file and start SSF again
      (there are also individual game settings stored in Setting/Saturn sub folder)
    • If it's an individual game that was causing this see Disc Unsuitable for this system to fix that
    • [You may need to restart your computer to get it working again if the above issue was found]

    Games that start up but reboot to bios screen
    (This has been reported a few times for Panzer Dragoon Saga)

    • This is just due to images either being corrupt or are missing audio tracks (can also be caused by user only loading in the data track alone)
    • Just grab another copy of the game
    • Make sure you mount the disc image via a cue file or other small descriptor file, should only be a few bytes in size
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