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Thread: How to burn Dreamcast cdi images with ImgBurn

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    Default How to burn Dreamcast cdi images with ImgBurn

    You only need do this once

    1. download and install ImgBurn or higher from
    2. download and extract to your desktop
    3. copy the the files to the install folder of ImgBurn (You may be told you need to provide Administrator permisions, just tap Continue or OK)

    The usual path for ImgBurn is either Program Files/ImgBurn for 32 bit windows OS or Program Files (x86)\ImgBurn for 64 bit windows OS

    Thats it for installing

    You only need do this once

    1. Run the program ImgBurn
    2. Hit Tools>Settings from the top menu
    3. Hit the Write tab then on that tab hit Page 2
    4. Under Default Overburning Method (lower left) Hit Overburn


    1. Run the program ImgBurn
    2. Hit Write image file to disc
    3. Insert your blank CD-R all cdi images fit on a standerd sized CD-R unless stated otherwise
    4. Under settings on the lower right change Write Speed to 1x (this will change it to burn at the lowest speed, that will more than likely be higher than 1x)
    5. Under Source (top left) Hit the folder icon with a spy glass over it to the right of Source
    6. pick the Dreamcast cdi disc image you wish to burn
    7. Hit the big disc document icon with an arrow pointing to a disc (lower part of gui) to start burning


    ImgBurn can also burn Bin+Cue multi session Mil-CD/Selfboot images, be aware that alot of none Mil-CD disc images are bin+cue format and do not have the selfboot data in there, you can check and see if a Bin+cue disc image is a multi session image by opening the cue file with notepad.
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