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    Default Fusion Netplay

    How do I set up a server for Netplay on my Kega Fusion?

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    Netplay should be cross-platform compatible.

    In order to use Netplay, first all users must load the game they wish to
    play, and must make sure they are using the same version.

    The controls you will be using to play are the ones mapped to Port 1, but
    you will be assigned a player number based on the order in which you join
    the game.

    If you wish to start a game, and your PC is behind a Firewall or Router,
    you will need to open/forward UDP port 5394, and/or tell your Firewall to
    allow Kega Fusion to "talk to the internet". You will also need to know
    your IP address, and tell this to the other users. This can either be found
    by typing IPCONFIG at a command prompt (in Windows, if you are directly
    connected to the internet, or playing over a LAN), through your router
    setup pages, or by pointing your browser at -
    your IP will be displayed.

    To start a game with more than two players, the player starting the game
    will need to set controller options: Sega Teamplayer (in port 1, port 2,
    or both), 4-Way Play, or J-Cart.

    It is not a good idea to change ANY options while playing. This will force
    other players machines to wait, and you might get disconnected.

    Starting a game:

    Select Netplay->Start. Here you can enter your nick, and select the number
    of players you want in your game. It is definately a good idea to select
    the right number here - if you know you are only going to have 3 players,
    don't leave this value set higher than that.

    Now click 'Create'. Other players will now be able to join your game, and
    their nicks and ping times will be displayed. Adjust the 'Latency' slider -
    it should be set at least a little bit higher than the maximum ping you
    are getting, and may need to be higher if you have a lot of players. If you
    have a two player only game, you should be able to get away with setting
    this value to a little bit higher than HALF the maximum ping, due to the
    way Kega handles two player only games. The higher the latency, the more
    the lag on controllers - but if it's too low, your game will run slowly.

    Bandwidth depends on the connection speeds of all players, and the number
    of players. You may need to set this to LOW if somebody is on dialup. You
    may need to set it to LOW if you have a lot of players. You may need to set
    it to MED just to get it to work well at all. Experimentation is key.

    Once you have everything set, click 'Start'. The game should start.

    Joining a game:

    Select Netplay->Join. Here you just have to enter your nick, and the IP
    address of the game you wish to join (which you will get from the person
    who started the game). Now click 'Join' and your nick should appear in the
    list of players. The game will start once the person who started the game
    is ready.

    While in Netplay:

    Keyboard shortcuts are disabled while in Netplay (except the ESC key). You
    can send chat messages by hitting the TAB key, and then typing. Hitting TAB
    again cancels the message, hitting ENTER/RETURN sends it.

    P.S. the above will not work with Zero Tollerance the only Genesis/Megadrive game that had link up play that I know of

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