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Thread: Dreamcast versions Mil-CD/Selfboot Compatibility

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    Default Dreamcast versions Mil-CD/Selfboot Compatibility

    Mil-CD Information snip

    Dreamcast Selfboot code was created by Sega and is called Mil-CD

    Dreamcast versions

    • Version 0 = Mil-CD compatable
    • Version 1 = Mil CD compatable
    • Version 2 = Mil CD compatable & not Mil CD compatable (see dates)

    Dreamcast verified versions

    • (1) [PAL|E] (blue swirl logo) Mil CD compatable
    • (0) [NTSC|U] (orange swirl logo) Mil CD compatable
    • (1) [NTSC|U] (orange swirl logo) Mil CD compatable
    • (2) [NTSC|U] (orange swirl logo) Mil CD see Dreamcast model (2) [NTSC|U] dates for more information
    • [NTSC|J] (orange swirl logo) Mil CD compatable

    Dreamcast model (2) [NTSC|U] dates

    • October 2000 and earlier Mil CD compatable
    • November 2000 Half = Mil CD Compatable Half = Mil CD uncompatable
    • December 2000 and later Mil CD uncompatable

    Finding the information

    This information in on the under side of your Dreamcast on the lower part of the sticker. Highlighted on the left is the Manufacture date [NTSC|U] only, highlighted on the right is the version and region [PAL|E] & [NTSC|U], [NTSC|J] has no version indicated from samples given, but does state the region. The following images show you the location of the information on a [PAL|E], [NTSC|U] & [NTSC|J] console

    Dreamcast CD Types

    • Standard CD 1 session DATA+CDDA [Game data plus CDDA tracks (sound tracks)]
    • Mil-CD 2 sessions DATA+CDDA/DATA [2 Sessions, 1st session is a dummy track, 2nd session is a DATA game session+CDDA tracks]
    • Mil-CD 2 sessions CDDA+CDDA/DATA [2 Sessions, 1st session is a dummy CDDA track or the games CDDA tracks, the 2nd Session has the game data in it]

    Note: Standard CD's can be booted through Utopia, Utopia is a Mil-CD image that can be downloaded and burned to a standard CD-R

    Mil-CD information Extended

    The Dreamcast's copy protection was a new type of media called GD-ROM, consisting of a 1.5gig inner layer of game data and a outer layer of regular CD data/cdda.

    The Mil-CD is a compact disc format created by the video game company Sega in 1999, the main purpose of Mil-CD was to add multimedia functions to music CDs, for use in Sega's Dreamcast games console. For example, Mil-CD music releases were to feature enhanced navigational menus, internet capabilities, and full-screen video.

    The Mil-CD format allowed hackers to by-pass the Dreamcast security, allowing the creation of such utilities such as Bleem!cast the Playstation emulator, the creation of homebrew titles for the machine, and ability to boot copied games and games from other regions via the Utopia bootdisk.

    Mil-CD support was removed from the final Dreamcast revision, Dreamcast version 2.

    Label Examples

    These are close ups of different versions of the Dreamcast from different regions, Asides from highlighting the information I also added a Mil-CD label on the top right

    • Left Highlight = Manufacture Date
    • Right Highlight = Version and Region
    • Mil-CD in blue = Compatable with Mil-CD's
    • Mil-CD in red = Uncompatable with Mil-CD's


    Thanks go out to the following EP users:- (not in any order)

    • CzarAlex - asking about his Dreamcast
    • Cookie Monster - Helping verify models
    • Ragnar - Helping verify models
    • Sprung - Helping me iron out the facts
    • Jizzel - Helping verify models
    • MaslowK - Helping verify models
    • horrorshow - Helping verify models
    • SEGA - Giving us a great console - we miss you

    Contributing to this guide

    I am still after more images showing close up readable lables for versions not detailed so far, or if you know of other models not listed as verified, you are more than welcome to PM me


    This Guide was written for emuparadise and may not be duplicated without permission first.
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