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Thread: Reduce ISO Size

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    Default Reduce ISO Size

    Hey guys,

    I think we all know how big most PS2 games are. However there is a tool that can convert PS2 ISOs into CHD which makes them smaller in size, and they work with PCSX2. By using namDHC you can convert/compress .ISO format to .CHD format and you'll usually get a smaller size. For example, Beats of Rage uncompressed as a ISO is a little over 1GB, however by converting it to CHD format, it is now 55MB, it went from 1GB down to MB. Note that not all games will get this much of an improvement, however overall, it will help cut down on taking up a lot of HDD space.

    The tool is drag and drop. Its built upon the command line version of the program. After testing it out myself, it works. Just thought I'd help others who wanted to save some space on their HDDs/SSDs.

    This also works for: PS1,Sega Saturn, (PSP, only PPSSPP standalone), PC-FX,PS2, Sega Dreamcast(Flycast 64-bit), NeoGeo CD.

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    I think people should upload ISOs already compressed as CHD, much faster data transmission.
    Free beer for everyone! --> How to upload files as ROM patches.

    Spoiler warning:

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