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Thread: Uploading Files as APS Patches

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    Default Uploading Files as APS Patches

    This online ROM patcher can create games from empty dummy files with all zeroes.

    Below I attached an empty zip file inside a zip file, extract the dummy and apply this APS patch:
    Download Links:
    Links are hidden from guests. Please register to be able to view these links. The resulting file will be a ZIP file with a PSX ISO inside it.

    I'll post a detailed tutorial on how it's done in this thread later. But, in summary all you need is a file with a second dummy file that has the same number of bytes and is all zeroes which can be done with Notepad(using 'Save as' to make it a .zip instead of .txt) or a dummy file creator. Right-click the file you want to patch(view its properties) and copy the number of bytes as all zeroes in a dummy file with the same number of bytes, it'll compress greatly because it's empty.

    (As far as I know APS patches are legal too)

    Update: you can create a RUP patch at that page which is a generic IBM computer patch and is not normally associated with games, in case game related file extensions are automatically deleted from a file host. Also, you can use a program to apply the patch so that you don't have to download the patched file.
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