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Thread: Simple Genghis Khan II Guide

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    Default Simple Genghis Khan II Guide

    Arguably the best strategy game in the 16-bit and DOS era and the most epic KOEI game. There are a few simple strategies to conquer the world that are basic and not as complex as others.

    1. Don't waste time managing an empire and boink the queen often to produce a male successor to the throne. Spend time with the family first.

    2. After your son is born make a beeline for Tibet because it has the roughest mountainous terrain to invade and ideal for starting a capital fortress for your heir to inherit. All territories abandoned behind your initial blitzkrieg to Tibet moving all resources to the currently conquered territory with your entire army moved there.

    3. Once Tibet is conquered with the full force of your entire army settle there, delegate the attack on Tibet to a general because doing it manually is very difficult. Then allocate labor and a policy for the territory.

    4. Concentrate on domestic tasks to grow the population and its support for the ruler. Allocate labor to no less 10% trade good production, give the woodwork trade goods produced at Tibet to the people of your territories to raise their loyalty to 100% by moving ruler to each territory then return him to Tibet.

    5. You will be visited by Chinese and Uighur merchants often from the territory next to you which is another reason to take Tibet. Use this basic trade strategy:

    Buy as much as 1000 silk from Chinese merchants when rate is 1.0 or below, 500 if rate is up to 1.5 and sell to Venetian or Islamic merchants if Venetian is not available. Do not sell if rate is below 1.0 or no profit is made. Ceramics are just as valuable as silk to Venetian merchants, buy it from Uighurs and sell it to Venetians.

    6. Begin the world conquest stage when first ruler dies with his successor based in a mountain fortress at Tibet. Repeat the process of producing a successor first with each new ruler. Take 5: Hopei first because it produces silk. Set labor production of Hopei to 40% trade good production and 20% everything else. Each subsequent territory taken with 40% trade good production and 20% everything else, they are vassals with Tibet as the impenetrable mountain fortress capital that has high food production and defense rating.

    Will add more strategies later, however those are the basics.

    7. In the world conquest stage it is essential to take 1: Mongolia and 14: Burma for Mongols and war elephants, 8 War Elephant legions and 12 Mongol legions are devastating for siege warfare. Add them to the Tibet empire.
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