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Thread: Microsoft system files & links

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    Default Microsoft system files & links

    Xbox (Original)

    Xbox 360

    Auto XBins
    Ever wanted to know where you can get everything you could ever need/want for Xbox/Xbox 360/Wii? Well look no further, because the Xbins FTP server has it all.
    Download here. <- Seems to be down.. sorry

    JTAG/RGH only programs
    (Some of these are designed for use on your PC whereas others are designed for use from the 360. To tell the difference, the ones that are for use on the 360 can only be downloaded from Xbins, because they were built using the X360 SDK so it's illegal for Xbox-scene to host the files there)

    XM360 1.6
    Manage and unlock your XBLA games/DLC content. Can also manage your title updates.
    Download here.

    Xbox Image Browser
    Use this to extract the files from an ISO so that they're usable on a JTAG'd 360 from USB hard drive.
    Download here.

    This app can convert your game from ISO to GOD (games on demand) package, so that it's playable on your JTAG from internal hard drive from the game library.
    Download here.

    Ripped a game from your DVD drive through your 360 but it still requires the disc in the drive? Well this handy program converts your NXE installed game to a GOD package so it will load without having the disc in the drive.
    Link (Download from Xbins)

    Free Style Dash
    The best custom dashboard for JTAG'd 360s.
    Download here.

    Dash Launch
    This allows your 360 to boot straight into the custom dashboard instead of loading up the official dashboard.
    Link (Download at Xbins)

    Flashed/unmodded/JTAG/RGH apps

    Want to access the contents of a USB drive formatted through the 360 dashboard to add DLC or gamerpics or whatever, then this is the program required.
    Download here.

    ABGX360 1.0.6
    Scan your ISOs, XGD3 supported for Live safety.
    Download here

    Modio boasts an array of useful features; main ones being able to browse FATX hard drives and FATX formatted USB drives. Also allows you to mod certain game's saves for infinite health, etc.
    Download here.

    Le Fluffie
    Le Fluffie has a lot of features, from profile mods to browsing the contents of a FATX hard drive or what have you.
    Download here.

    360 Provided links and files by Jackie Estacado

    DRM Free Files Proivided by deadlegion
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