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Thread: Outrun 2 (NTSC-U)

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    Default Outrun 2 (NTSC-U)

    In 2004, OutRun 2 was ported to the Xbox. The task of coding shared by Sega-AM2 and UK-based developers Sumo Digital, who were able to condense the game from the 512MB platform to 64MB. They succeeded in doing so, with a European release on 1 October 2004 followed by the U.S. release on October 25, 2004.
    The port preserves the look and feel of the arcade original, but with the additions of 480p anamorphic widescreen support and tweaks to make it more suitable for home play. The arcade game was imported to provide a game type for the port, named simply "OutRun Arcade". This joins two other game types: OutRun Challenge, which includes 101 'missions' distributed over the 15 stages; and OutRun Xbox Live. The Tracks from Scud Race and Daytona USA 2 can be unlocked as a bonus.
    In addition, some content from the arcade game is locked away alongside new, unique content, such as extra cars, extra music tracks, and even the original Outrun game itself. This content is unlocked as the player completes the OutRun Challenge missions. Some slight changes were made to the Arcade version such as the 3D model for the newer Testarossa Spider being replaced with a customised Testarossa from 1984. The Japanese version of the game was slightly altered further, fixing some glitches and altering the bonus stages. Another difference is the character Holly wears a different costume and the character Clarissa wears her original costume from the Japanese arcade version (basically the same except it is more revealing than the costume used for the western versions).

    Download Links:
    Links are hidden from guests. Please register to be able to view these links. here are the passwords needed to unlock everything.
    TIMELESS All bonus tracks
    DREAMING All Cars
    THEJOURNEY All missions
    RADIOSEGA All Music
    DESREVER All reversed tracks
    BIRTHDAY Unlock All Cards
    NINETEEN86 Unlocks original OutRun arcade game
    this game is a great port and the bonus tracks are a great bonus.

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