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    Default Power Stone [NTSC-U]*

    Power Stone is a fully 3D arena fighting game series made by Capcom. Power Stone was initially released on the Sega NAOMI hardware and later ported to the Dreamcast.
    Gameplay involves selecting a character and then proceeding to battle the other characters, one at a time, in various locales. The three-dimensional fighting includes the ability to use special attacks as well as to pick up and fight with such objects as tables, chairs, rocks and bombs. During battle, "Power Stones", resembling gems of different colors, appear in the arena. If a character collects three Power Stones, he/she transforms into a more powerful version of himself/herself. He/she will then be able to use one of two super special attacks: generally a massive long-range power attack and a grab or close-range move. The powered-up mode only lasts until the power bar is fully drained, during which the special attack can be executed (which completely depletes the power bar) or other, lesser special moves can be executed (which only use a small portion of power). Each match continues until the life bar of one of the two characters fighting is depleted.
    Power Stone was generally well-received by reviewers, with IGN stating "PowerStone is a must-have Dreamcast game. Go get it." and giving it an 8.7/10 score.
    GameSpot was slightly less approving of the game, giving it a 7.6/10 and telling players to "Expect to enjoy it immensely for the first week or two, but don't expect to find very much long-term fun."

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