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Thread: Lunar Knights [US]*

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    Default Lunar Knights [US]*

    Descend into the gothic Sci-Fi world of Lunar Knights and take control of two warriors on a quest to reclaim the world from the vampiric legion. Spin together tornados, guide down flaming meteors, and blow together snowstorms in Kojima Productions first ever title on Nintendo DS!

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    I don't know why but I find it impossible to download from Filefactory. I submit the message in the slow download section and above the "LunarKnights.rar" file highlights blue, but for some reason when I click it, nothing happens.

    Perhaps it's a personal problem i'm not really sure; however I would be grateful if you could upload this ROM to a different site. Thanks.

    Lol, ignore my message I just figured it out now. I had to wait for the timer to finish it's countdown (I didn't even notice it) before downloading the file at the bottom, not the top!

    Thank you for the upload.
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    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing


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