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Thread: [Nintendo N64][EMULATOR] Project64K (Updated April 2011)*

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    Default [Nintendo N64][EMULATOR] Project64K (Updated April 2011)*

    Support Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    32 / 64 Bits
    Compatible with K and KVE

    Hi all, a few days ago I decided to work on this latest update of K7E, I explain below what changes. I hope you enjoy it. [worked by Gaudy and Henryxs87]


    [/COLOR]Updates on:

    You Can use Textures with Glide64 as well as with JaboD3D8 1.7

    Fixed the "Please choose Another GFX" error Thanks to Henryxs87

    Now possible to play without it then appears the error message when you first start the emulator, the message also appeared when emulator crash and have to re-select the plugins. Now it isn't trouble

    Config Folder

    I added the Config folder where you store all the files used by PJ64K7E (except for the dll) which has the RDX, RDB, RDN, CHT, LNG and Cache, in this way is kept clear our emulator directory .

    Updated CHT adapted for Kaillera April 2011
    Unlike the previous K7E, I removed all of SSB Cheats unsupported for 1.4, thereby eliminating loading times, either to enable or disable cheats.

    Also, I have added almost all the cheats for more played games on Kaillera, I mean SSB, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party (1, 2, 3), GoldenEye 007, Conker Bad Fur Day, etc...
    about 31 thousand code lines for Kaillera

    Support of 300 Cheats for game? (Fix)
    I left him at 300, since the previous K7E presented a major problem with increased support when we click on Check All and Uncheck All, if you press one of the 2 just dropped the emulator, but in certain sections of the CHT and were reduced , 90% of games played is SSB, the rest is Mario Kart, Mario Party (1,2,3), GoldenEye, Conker Bad Fur Day and other games. None of them exceed 300 Cheats, so there is no reason to increase support and if we did it, we leave inoperative 2 buttons, and we would cause crash. Now it isn't trouble

    Adaptation of NRage for Kaillera

    All users of this plugin, have had problems and worse if they are new entrepreneurs in the Kaillera world and is a headache of who do not know how to fix it. The Bug is "RAWDATA " which prevents the player to move during the game in online mode. Now you will not be a problem since I removed that option. And if you activate it in another instance, just press "Apply" to disable it even if you do not see the option to also off.
    Menu Changes

    • Disable "Show CPU usage%", this option impossible for the player to read the messages (chat) online mode in the lower section of the emulator.
    • Joined 2 options that lead to the same window, I mean the Contents and Index

    F11 = Start Emulation
    F12 =
    Close game (the same function that Project64 1.6 and 1.7)
    Ctrl + C =
    To load your cheats
    Ctrl + T =
    To access the configuration (Before Ctrl + S)
    Ctrl + S =
    Save the game

    Defaults Plugins
    Graphic: Jabos Direct3D8 1.6
    Jabos Direct Sound 1.6 (for volume control)
    1.61 NRage (Do not put higher versions, they have Bugs importants in Controls Modifiers, unable to move at certain times)


    Oops, one of the Team of PJ64 forgot somepeople from his team (Marked in Red), so I attempted to re-edit the "About" to not miss anyone who has worked those who worked on the emulator as well as those who provided support for Kaillera and finally me and Henryxs87 who gave updates.

    Updates from K7E 2010
    EXE Update (18/08/2010)
    Restriction was removed Plugin Load Default
    added interface Manifest
    Thanks to Ginzuhayate

    Also increased the number of media cheats limit from 300 to 2000

    Direct access to Cheats Windows Ctrl + C
    Thanks to Gaudy

    RDB Update (01/04/2010)

    Now Recognizes 770 games -> approx 1023 games

    Now recognizes more Games than before

    Thanks to Henryxs87 to work on it as well as add DigitalSpider, Nekokabu and MASA works.

    RDX Update (01/04/2010)

    Now you can know which ROMs in your collection is Multiplayer and may know the genders of each race, fight, adventure, etc ... above the 1.4 did not permit it to your version RDB

    Thanks to Henryxs87

    CHT Update (Avance12 - 16/08/2010)

    It contains the Cheats for All Games
    Increased from 5000 lines of code to 24700 Line Code
    Thanks to Gaudy

    Kaillera Update DLL (n02 r17 - 24/06/2010)

    Many improvements
    Thanks to Ownasauru

    NOTE: maybe Jabo's Direct3D8 will give you lag problems on Kaillera, if so, choose any other plugin

    And these are the updates, I hope you like
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