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Thread: TUTORIAL: Dreamcast Audio/Data to Data/Data, the simple way.

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    Arrow TUTORIAL: Dreamcast Audio/Data to Data/Data, the simple way.

    I posted this tutorial here pre-rollback, but along with many other threads, it was lost when EP's servers crashed in December of 2010. Thanks to Cookie Monster for recovering the text so I didn't have to re-type the whole thing. (Cheers, Cookie! ) My original post is below.

    A few months back, I bought a second-hand Dreamcast that hates Audio-Data backups. This is a problem for me, because most Dreamcast Mil-CD backups out there are in the Audio-Data format. Now, this is fine for most DC owners (PAL, NTSC-U version 0 and 1), but anyone who owns a version 2, or even certain version 1's is outta luck. That's me!

    I started working on this after reading other Data/Data conversion tutorials, and finding that they didn't work for me, usually due to one small thing: an Audio-Data image mounted in Daemon Tools (or an image burned and read from an actual disc) shows only the first burned session (the short audio track), leaving the actual game files inaccessible to ISObuster or any other extraction tool. If I couldn't extract the files, I couldn't rebuild the backup as a Data/Data image.

    So, I started scouring the 'net for tools that would do what I needed to do, without a lot of command line stuff (I don't consider myself a n00b, but command line syntax continues to elude me). Now that I've put together a toolkit and have a method worked out, I thought I'd share with the community. The process is a bit long, but it almost never fails. Here's a copy of the tutorial .txt file included with the toolkit:

    Converting an Audio-Data Dreamcast
    image to a Data-Data image, the simple way.

    By Rockstar1983 forum member
    Legend in My Own Mind

    "Guitars, Games or Girls...Choose any two."

    TOOLS REQUIRED (included)

    BootDreams v1.0.6c (by fackue)
    binhack32 (by FamilyGuy2010)
    CDIrip (by DeXT and Madgun68)
    ISOfix (by DeXT)
    IPwriter (by fackue)
    DummyFile Creator (by SickBoy)
    ISObuster (, not included)

    * Before we start, you'll want to install BootDreams v1.0.6c and the
    latest version of ISObuster on your PC, and make sure to create a
    shortcut to each one on your desktop. (BootDreams is included in
    this kit, and you can grab ISObuster at

    * Next, put the image file you need to convert in the same folder with
    these tools (binhack32, isofix, etc.)

    **NOTE:If you can open the .cdi with ISObuster and see/extract all the
    files, you can skip ahead to step 11. If you only see "Track 01" in
    ISObuster, and/or Daemon Tools tells you the image is corrupt, start at
    the beginning.**

    **NOTE 2: As far as I know, this method cannot be used on releases by
    Accession, or any other game without an IP.BIN file... to make them
    work, you must create an IP.BIN file for them. You may do this by
    using IPwriter 0.16a, included in this pack.**

    **NOTE 3: This method has not been tested on games that include
    CD-DA tracks (actual CD audio that plays during the game). I do not
    guarantee success with these types of games. If you try, please post your
    results in the EmuParadise forums.**

    Now we're ready to begin!

    1) Run cdirip.exe

    2) Browse to the image you want to rip, select it, and click "Open"

    3) Select a destination folder for the resulting files and click "OK"

    4) While CDIrip is working, watch the command window; Pay
    attention to (and write down) the starting LBA number of Session 2
    (The larger, DATA session) as you'll need it soon. Often, this
    number is 11700, but not every time.

    5) After CDIrip finishes, you should have 3 new files: "s01t01"
    (this will be a .wav in an Audio/Data image), "s02t02" (usually an
    .iso file) and a .cue file.

    6) Delete the .wav and .cue files that CDIrip has produced, as they
    are of no further use to you.

    7) Now, run isofix.exe . It will ask you to enter the name of the
    .iso you wish to fix (it must be in the same folder as isofix.exe).
    Enter the name of your data track (usually s02t02.iso), and remember
    that it's case-sensitive. Watch your CAPS-LOCK!

    8) ISOfix will now ask for a starting LBA value. This is the number you
    wrote down from CDIrip. Enter it now and wait for ISOfix to work.

    9) ISOfix will create 3 more new files: fixed.iso, bootfile.bin, and
    header.iso. Delete header.iso, as it's of no further use here.

    10) Rename bootfile.bin to IP.BIN (must be all caps, even the .BIN

    11) Use ISObuster to extract the contents of fixed.iso (the gamefiles)
    to a new folder(ISObuster should create a new folder for you when
    you extract).


    11a) At this point, you may create a dummy file if you want to, by
    running Dummyfile.exe. (The purpose of this is to push the game data
    towards the edge of the CD, away from center, to save wear and
    tear on your laser. Personally, I'm not sure it makes a big difference,
    but it does make the game load quicker. If the game is very small,
    I usually create a dummy to make it at least 300-400MB in total.)

    11b) To use Dummyfile, first click "Pick Location" to choose which
    folder the dummy.bin file will be created in. Then, enter a value in
    MBytes (1=1MB) and click "create". After that, you can drag&drop or
    copy and paste it into your folder with your other game files.
    However, you should add a zero to the front of the filename so
    it's burned first, toward the center of the disc. (Example: 0Dummy.bin,
    or simply 0.0 )


    12) Go into the new folder created by ISObuster and find "1ST_READ.BIN"
    (or, if it's a Windows CE game, a file called "0WINCEOS.BIN"). Take
    both the 1ST_READ file and IP.BIN (the re-named bootfile.bin) and
    and make sure they're in the same folder as binhack32.exe.

    13) Run binhack32.exe

    14) Binhack32 will ask for the name of your binary file, which is your
    1ST_READ (or 0WINCEOS) file. Type it in, remembering it's CaSe SeNsItIvE!

    15) Binhack will then ask for the name of your bootsector, which is
    IP.BIN (also case sensitive).

    16) Finally, Binhack32 will ask for an "msinfo value". Enter a zero here,
    because your data track will be burned first (at the beginning of
    the disc) in this case.

    17) Now, put IP.BIN and your 1ST_READ file back in the folder with the
    other game files.

    18) Start BootDreams

    19) Click the DiscJuggler Logo (top left) to create a DiscJuggler image.

    20)Next to the field that says "Selfboot Folder", click "Browse". Now
    navigate to your game folder, click on it, and click "OK"

    21)Click the field marked "CD Label",and name your disc (doesn't matter
    what you call it... anything you want)

    22)For "Disc Format", choose Data/Data (of course).

    23)Finally, click "Process"... BootDreams will ask you if you are sure
    you want to create a DiscJuggler image (Click "Yes"). Next, it will
    ask you if you want to scramble the binary (1ST_READ or 0WINCEOS)...
    if you're burning a backup game, say NO. (You would only say YES if you
    were burning a homebrew/emulator disc). Choose a save location for
    your image file, and click OK. Now go get a sandwich, a drink of water
    or whatever, 'cause this takes awhile.

    23a)Next, you may test the new .cdi in NullDC to make sure it will boot.

    NOTE: NullDC isn't compatible with WinCE-based games, so you'll just
    have to burn them and test on your console.
    (End OPTIONAL)

    24)When you're ready, use BootDreams to burn your new .cdi image. With
    BootDreams open, click the icon on the top right(the match).

    25)Click "Browse" and find your image, highlight it, then click "OK".
    BootDreams will ask if you're sure you want to burn a DiscJuggler
    image (YES).

    26)Next, BootDreams will have you choose your cd drive from a dialog
    window, then click OK.(If you haven't put a CD in the drive yet,
    you'll get a dialog box saying "put a disc in the drive and
    click 'Retry'" or something like that. This won't hurt anything, just
    do what it says, and things will go along as planned.) Now, get up
    and get another glass of H2O, because this also takes a bit of time.

    27)After the burn has finished, BootDreams will ask if you want to
    delete the temporary files, and YES you do. They're of no more use now,
    and they take up space on your computer. Just get rid of'em.

    28)Pop the disc in your console and turn it on. It should boot right up!

    *FamilyGuy2010 (binhack32.exe)
    *SickBoy (DummyFile.exe)
    *DeXT (IsoFix, CDIrip 0.6.3)
    *Madgun68 (CDIrip)
    *Fackue (BootDreams, IPwriter)

    There are only two DC games I haven't been able to convert with this (or any other) method: Ooga Booga (NTSC-U) and Sonic Adventure 2 (NTSC-U). I'm guessing this is due to LBA checks, or anti-piracy measures. If you figure out how these can be converted to Data/Data, I'd definitely like to hear how you did it! (Only self-tested methods, please, and include your console region, version number, and serial number when you post. e.g.- NTSC-U {1} 670-14081G) Also, as I say in the .txt, I have not tested this method on games with CD-DA audio tracks that play during the game. If you try, please let me know how it turns out.

    I hope this info is found useful!

    Get the toolkit here:
    Download Links:
    Links are hidden from guests. Please register to be able to view these links.
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