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Thread: Misc systems section

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    Default Misc systems section

    Yay we have a Misc Emulator Section woohoo and all that

    Though the question remains what should be put in here, I am more inclined to want emphasis on the more obscure consoles, and may write up threads to get yourself set up and the like.

    Proposed guides I might write in the next week or so.

    PC Engine

    The PC engine has some info on it already though I might update it as YAME is a good emulator AFAIK (though I haven't tried it ) The X68000 is a nice console which I tried out once before, and the amiga is a nice console also. Any other suggestions would be nice

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    There are new consoles that don't fit aswell like the GP2X

    PC 98 droolingness for it's Farland games

    Plenty of retro Atari and Comadore systems out there, aswell as others

    Might even have a guide up for PC 98 on EP I did do alot of help in the past for that system

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    Please can all ESR users post your results here to help with the project and others wanting to use ESR

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    Cool, well I've made a thread like the one we have in the main section, only reason being is that new guides could be put in here, I would at some point like to revise most of the stuff I've done in the old guides thread as some of it is painfully outdated

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