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Thread: Game System Folders Icons for Windows

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    Smile Game System Folders Icons for Windows

    Spruce up your ROM/ISO libraries with these nifty Windows folder icons I made! Each measures 256x256 and has transparent whitespace. I chose systems I feel are the most emulated but feel free to suggest any I missed!

    Download at DeviantArt:

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    Excellent work.

    I hope you don't mind but I've been slowly working my way through creating folder icons for my original Xbox emulator sets and generally I like each one to be different. However I keep, sometimes several, older emulator versions and using these to identify quickly those might work rather well.

    I've used Irfanview to batch convert them from the original Windows .ico to .png and I was pleasantly surprised that the .png file sizes are all about 36KB. That is ideal for original Xbox use and the quality remains excellent too.

    Whether they'll display OK on the original Xbox at 480p only trying them out will prove one way or the other but fingers crossed.

    Whatever the case thanks for the work and making these icons available.

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    Great idea and nice execution.

    If I still used Windows I'd definitely use those.

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