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Thread: EP Live Wallpaper

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    Default EP Live Wallpaper

    Lively Wallpaper

    Optional: Autohide Desktop Icons in combination for clean desktop and no shortcuts over wallpaper video.
    Quote Originally Posted by Till View Post
    If you use Auslogics Disk Defrag Screensaver with Lively wallpaper it automatically defrags your computer when you're away from keyboard and computer is idle. More defrag is less defrag to do waiting for an hour.
    Import into Lively for this wallpaper:
    Download Links:
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    Will add more later.

    Edit:// Fallout 4 mod to play as Predator I'm using:

    Must be logged in and allow adult content in settings to download because Predator body skin is nude unless you wear the Yauntja underwear from the mod.

    And add the Ghostly (Crouched) legendary to one of the Predator armor pieces to simulate Yauntja invisibility cloak tech. It activates when you sneak.

    Left arm armor clips Pip-boy display, don't use it.
    Last edited by Till; 27th-April-2024 at 23:02. Reason: So, is this official unofficial canon?
    Free beer for everyone! --> How to upload files as ROM patches.

    Spoiler warning:

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