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Thread: Testing Kawaks 1.65 Netplay

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    Post Testing Kawaks 1.65 Netplay

    Yesterday I was testing Kawaks 1.65 Netplay at home using 2 PCs. It should be said I have never played with other people but I I wanted to give it a try... So I got in Emuparadise America Kaillera server, I got 90+ ms of ping at "Good 20 keyframes per second" settings I am far away from the server (I live in the central zone of Mexico) and my internet conection is not so fast I must accept it. So I create a new game that was KOF 2002 and using the other PC I got in to the server as well. I pushed coin button on player 1 resulting in 1 credit, then I pushed the coin button on player 2 resulting in 2 credits at the same time (!) there was something strange... I selected the characters on both sides and when they were on screen the stage was not the same on the 2 PCs Hell, this is what people call desync? What's more once a round was over I mashed the buttons when I made one character win in order to skip the win pose and return to game quickly, the result: on the side I had smashed buttons succesfully skipped the win pose but on the other screen there was not any skip at all so yeah, even more desync!

    Things were not turning out as I would have wanted, but I had an idea, First I had to leave the server and get in again, then I create the KOF 2002 one more time and connected the other PC at the server as well. I pushed the coin credit on player 1 side (1 credit) but this time I pushed the coin credit on player 1 again for the usage of player 2 getting a second credit as regular. After select the characters I observed that now the stages were synchronized and even when I smashed buttons on win pose the skip was synchronized too. I guess this occurs because NeoGeo games were configured to have only 1 coin slot. I decided to test a CPS1 game, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was my choice and because this game is configured to sport up to 3 players (and 3 coin slots obviously) there was not any desync issue. Either way I need to do more tests on another games like Street Fighter II.

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    Kawaks' wide variety of the best classic Capcom arcade games brings back memories of the Funarama arcade located at Westland Mall in Miami-Dade FL from the time I was 16 years old to 29 years old. The staff and owners were the consumate experts in what all the best arcade games were, anything from Midway, SNK and Capcom had multiple cabinets and there was always one available. If I popped a quarter into any of them I would subsequently beat the game and any challenger dropping a quarter in would more often then not get trounced because I can pick any Capcom, SNK or Midway game character not giving any chance to win because I know all their moves, combos, counters, throws and play style as well as advanced fighting system tactics. Funorama held tournaments and I won every one that I attended. Kawaks is one of the emulators that faithfully recreates the real cabinet game perfectly as a true clone, it's a stable for me to keep my skills sharp whenever I get rusty. Other emulators emulate other fighting game cabinets but not as faithfully as Kawaks. I could probably write an article in ode to Kawaks but it would be tl;dr

    In closing thank you LATER HERO, it's a pleasure to discuss Kawaks with someone who appreciates it as much as I do as an old school yet one of the most nostalgic emulators from the era of arcades before most if not most local area ones shut down.
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