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Thread: Unmodified SNES Artwork

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    Default Unmodified SNES Artwork

    Hey folks,

    I do SNES box art recreations / restorations, and I am curious if there's any archive somewhere or perhaps Japanese sites that have magazine scans or anything of the sort that has the unmodified art used for SNES box art. It's pretty easy to restore box art that has the standard black border framing the art, but there are games where the entire box is covered in trees or wood or any other assortment of images that are then covered in logos which makes it harder to restore. Not impossible, but it is SUPER tedious. So to circumvent that if anyone has a lead or a site or repository of raw images that would be great.

    For example the artist who painted the Terranigma cover posted the original unmodified artwork on their Twitter account. So stuff like that.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There's probably a reasonable amount of stuff on the big old Booru's, but they're very NSFW and obviously can't be linked here. But before they were the dumping ground of the latest smut from Japan, they were a dumping ground of the best quality miscellaneous Japanese art people could gather, and that stuff is still there. But good luck searching anything, the older postings weren't tagged very well, and were obviously buried in terabytes of porn...
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    I still think there are a lot of quality and in-depth works.
    Leslie Harris

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