Hello all, I'm very new to all this so apologies in advance but I'll try to put this accurately. A friend just turned me onto emulator games and I was very happy to find some versions of the original 1983 Spyhunter arcade game from my youth. I installed OpenEmu on my MacBook pro and have a NES version of the game and a Playstation version in OpenEmu now.

Playing it with the keyboard is pretty awful though and, after playing with my kids' PS4 Dualschock controller I decided to buy a racing wheel and try to get the game to play like a proper car. Unfortunately no combination I can come up with in OpenEmu's controller setting will allow the use of the wheel/pedal set, even though it is also a Playstation PS4 product (Thrustmaster T80), which I hoped would work since the Dualshock worked with no tweaking.

I have then tried a variety of other emulators (Dolphin, PCSXR) on my MacBook Pro but still failing to get any of the driving games to recognize the wheel (actually, OpenEmu shows me the name of the wheel in the dropdown controller options but selecting it doesn't do anything).

So my question is, does anyone know a way for me to play the original SpyHunter with an emulator on my Mac using at least primitive steering and ideally at least one pedal? Conversely, is anyone aware of a way to play the original game (not the sequel!) on the PS4? I know it has been bundled into Midway arcade collections from time to time but as far as I can tell there isn't one out there now.

My guess is that I'm not the first person to try this and that someone's figured it out.
Thanks so much for your time!