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Thread: Roms to fire tv stick using a mac

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    Default Roms to fire tv stick using a mac

    Hello guys and thank you for having me in your forums, i want to become a kid again and would like to play all these lovely games we use to play when we were kids i bought my self i fire tv stick and have downloaded on it SNES and MAME4droid (0.139u1) but i'm either dim or simply dont understand how to load roms on it....i'm using ADBFire to load apps...this is as far as i have reached....can anyone help?

    Thank you!!!

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    Those normally come with documentation that tell you where the roms should be stored especially MAME if not though it should create folders for you so for MAME look for a Roms or rom folder and that should be where all the roms get dropped

    SNES??? that could be tons of different emulators for android but normally with Console emulators you can store the games in almost any location and use the emulator to find that folder to load your roms

    EDIT MAME4Droid


    that is the path for MAME roms

    The SNES one I would need more info to look that up
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