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Thread: I need help getting NAOMI games running on MAME.

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    Default I need help getting NAOMI games running on MAME.

    There isn't much documentation online, as far as I'm aware, for how to get Naomi roms to work with MAME. I've tried downloading the bios and chd files, and tried testing it with MonkeyBall which was downloaded from the main site, but to no avail.

    There really needs to be proper documentation for how to get NAOMI games to work with the versions of MAME that support them, or at the very least a guide.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I've tried every other NAOMI emulator on the planet, and none of them work well for me. MAME is my only other shot. I've tried NullDC, but could never get games to run on it, I've tried macaron which just gives me an error the moment I open it up. DEMUL is the only emulator that worked, but it was SLOW, even on the BIOS.

    Mame runs the bios of Naomi perfectly, with a nice smooth framerate, which shows promise. Unfortunately I can't get games to work. Just the BIOS.

    There really needs to be more documentation on Naomi emulation in general, to be honest. There's nothing there.

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    When you tried NullDC was it a Naomi specific build? I could be wrong but I think you need a Naomi version
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    Hmm... Well if DEMUL is that slow, then you probably need a PC upgrade. DEMUL is also the only working Atomiswave emulator and it plays NAOMI and Atomiswave games nearly perfectly on my old rig. And I'm talking about the arcade versions of games like The King of Fighters XI and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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    Makaron is the fastest Naomi Emulator out of the lot and what it does play, plays perfect and fast though tere are some none working games with it

    NAOMI games need to be in dat format and ran from NAOMI.exe that is included with Makaron

    Attached is one of the smaller games, that you can try and get Makaron working with (It needs to be extracted, should output a dat file)

    You will also need a set of bios images for this to fully work

    MAME is the slowest of the lot
    Demul is slow on lower end hardware
    Makaron is the fastest of the lot by a long shot
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