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Thread: Problem with Demul Emulator (Can't even get pass the first loading screen!)

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    Default Problem with Demul Emulator (Can't even get pass the first loading screen!)

    The problem I have with both Demul x86 v0.582 and x86 v0.7 Alpha is that it crashes after I load a game. In Power Stone, I can get to the intro of the first stage and it crashes and in Project Justice, I can't even get past the first loading screen!

    I have switched around checkmarks in the BIOS, Video, and Dreamcast Region/Broadcast, but I've gotten nothing.

    I have also tried downloading the same game from a different site, but I keep getting the same problem.

    I would be happy to use the games I already own, but when I put on in the CD driver, the computer can't read it and sends me to the CD player, though I think that has something to do with the fact that it's a GD disk and the computer has difficulty reading it.

    Am I missing something here?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    GD-Rom discs only have a small part of the disc readable by PC (the outer edge that is normal CD data/cdda) the inner track that can be clearly seen on the back of the disc is 1GB of data that only a GD-Rom reader can read normally

    Ripping a GD-Rom can be done directly on a PC with the aid of software and exact hardware matches for the CD/DVD drive and may require the drive to be pulled apart, this is not a great way to do things though

    Normal methods include...
    Serial Coders Cable (Dreamcast to PC)
    Network Cable (LAN or BBA required) (Dreamcast to PC)
    (Possible via a dial up modem (it's what most DC's come with) maybe but would require external power to the cable or a PC side modem powered a certain way for it to connect direct to a PC [extra power is required as the modem is connecting direct to a PC rather than a phone line and modem settings on PC must be messed with to reverse the functionality of it to answer the dial up call from the Dreamcast])
    SD card adaptor via the serial port of the Dreamcast (Dreamcast to SD card)

    The last option is the cheapest way

    P.S. you can play selfbootable games (aka Mil-CD's) directly on most Dreamcasts, as Dreamcast emulation is far from perfect anyway that is still the best option

    Demul is the best emulator by the way when comapared with NullDC but NullDC is the faster emulator

    Tested the RDC Mil-CD version of Powerstone and it runs ok asides from the lag (even if it does run at 60FPS) tested up to in-game play

    Is it crashing before it can load the game or actually after it loads the game i.e. after it shows the bios boot up and part of the game is shown or does it not get that far and crash out before it can load any of the game

    If before then you possibly just have a video plugin setup that is not compatible with your hardware (try the DX11 one first one listed in the plugin setup and try and run it again, if not try the next one)

    You can start demul with no disc inserted just hit eject and it will boot the bios on it's own

    EDIT missed the part that you got it booted and to show a couple of screens, though would still try the other video plugins
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