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Thread: Where can I find the 4Mb Ram on yabause ?

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    Default Where can I find the 4Mb Ram on yabause ?

    I downloaded Yabause 0.9.14 off the main site, but I'm missing the 4MB RAM to be able to play games. I don't know if I have to create a save file or Download it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Never mind, I figured it out! The secret is to select 32MB DRam!
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    Sorry I would of answered but I'm not familiar with Yabause vanilla since I mainly use it in Retroarch.
    THE BEST METHOD to run PSX games (and everything else for that matter) is via Retroarch -
    If you have any questions on how to set it up on Windows please feel free to ask, its very easy.

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    It's the top drop down 32 Mbit Dram is what you are after

    32 Mbit (Mb Megabit) = 4 Mbyte (MB Megabyte)
    8 Mbit = 1 Mbyte
    16 Mbit = 2 Mbyte (2MB Rom is only used by 2 games and is optional anyway, don't actually remember what that does for the two games either)

    Pro Action Replay simulates an action replay or you can use an action replay dump if you wanted
    Backup Ram is for save data and simulated a save data cart
    Dram is memory used by certain games (some require it others just take advantage of it)
    Rom is used by certain games (Not required)
    Netlink (direct console link up)
    Japanese Modem (Not sure what games/software can use that or what it was used for)
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