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Floocraft Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is here, check out now

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Floocraft Mod for 1.11.0/1.11.1/1.11.2 is here, check out now

The Floocraft Mod for Minecraft draws inspiration from the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Harry Potter series and aims to implement a feature from this series that’s sure to add a lot of depth to the standard Minecraft gameplay and make it more enjoyable overall. If you have some knowledge of Harry Potter, then you probably know about the Floo Powder that’s used in it. It’s basically a type of powder that you can throw into a fireplace. Once thrown into a fireplace, this powder turns the flames green and allows people to teleport through it to other similar fireplaces. This mod adds this exact same feature to Minecraft, and it actually synergizes quite nicely with it.

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