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  1. For those who care and are not just leechers.....

    I just got hit with extreme data corruption and lost pretty much everything, if anyone wishes to make sure these shares stay available then please make mirrors of them, don't repack them or alter them though.
  2. How to merge multiple BIN Redump images for emulator use

    Emulators seem to have trouble reading multiple Bin Redump images and here is the solution, Mount the cue in deamon tools lite then use imgburn to create a new image from the mounted image, you will then have a single Bin/Cue that can be ran in emulators.

    Remember to keep your original Redump archives because turning it into a single Bin/cue makes the image imperfect, just as any standard disc image with multiple tracks (Data/Audio) you find on the net it loses some data at the start ...
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