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Thread: [Homebrew][Util] Xcbr - Comic Book Reader for Xbox*

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    Default [Homebrew][Util] Xcbr - Comic Book Reader for Xbox*

    This allows you to read comics in .cbz format on a modded xbox. After much searching, I finally found this file on the net and am passing it on to others who wish to read comic scans on their system. From the 'Read Me' file:

    "xCbr Readme

    By using this software you agree to the following:
    In no shape or form can you hold the author of this program or anyone else liable
    for anything that may arise directly or indirectly from your usage of this software.
    If this fries your PC or your XBOX you have been warned!!!

    Put your comics in the "comics" directory. Currently, only .cbz files are supported.

    When you start the program the "Browse Menu" appears.
    Browse Menu Controls
    This menu allows you to select a comic for viewing

    PC Key XBOX Key Action
    Up D-Pad Up Scroll Up
    Down D-Pad Down Scroll Down
    Start Start View Selected Comic

    View Selected Comic Controls
    Allows you to read through the comic

    PC Key XBOX Key Action
    Up D-Pad Up Scroll Up
    Down D-Pad Down Scroll Down
    Left D-Pad Left Scroll Left
    Right D-Pad Right Scroll Right
    Page Down Left Trigger Previous Page
    Page Up Right Trigger Next Page
    Back Back Go back to the Browse Menu"

    Download Links:
    Links are hidden from guests. Please register to be able to view these links.
    if you are have problems downloading files from my putlocker and billionupload links then do the following.
    what you have to do concerning billionuploads on the second download screen is just uncheck(untick) the small box below download link and then click on the download link.
    as for putlocker just click on download,do not click on the link that says "free download link" or "first time download user",something like that.just use the normal download link in the middle of the screen.

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