We've noticed a sudden increase of new threads titled in a vague way such as "help", "i'm new here", "game request", threads posted in wrong areas of the forums and finally, multiple posting to bump threads.

So, before making a post or starting a thread, we'd like to ask you to read the rules closely, especially if you are a new member.

Rules can be found here.

It's easier to receive some help if you title your thread in a descriptive way that has to do with the subject:
- if you need help with an emulator, tell us what emulator are you using and what game is giving you problems.
- if you are requesting a game, state the name and the platform.
Of course, the content of the thread has to be equally descriptive, making sure you are providing us all the info needed to receive help. Read the pinned threads in Everything Emulation and Everything Console before asking for help regarding emulation or console hardware issues.
It's always preferred to create your own thread instead of reviving an old one, specially in the help sections.

Before creating a thread, make sure it's not pointless or meaningless and take your time to decide where are you going to post it, look at the forums and choose the one you consider more appropriated, we'll move it if it's not the right one, don't worry, but at least show a minimum effort on your side not posting it anywhere. You can always send a Private Message to any staff member if you are unsure and don't know where to make your thread.

Multiple posting (posting more than one post in a row) should be avoided using the EDIT POST button you find in every post you make (bottom right corner).

And, finally, when sharing any kind of file with our community, be it games, music files, etc, it's not allowed to link steal, you can only post your own links. Links copied from somewhere else and pasted here will be deleted. Same treatment will receive any warez file posted.

Thanks in advance.

-The Staff-