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    Shadowrider Guest

    Default system error

    okay i think i'm not sure what's going on.
    i have 3 partitions in total, and i've reinstalled my xp on C: because of the previous problem with winmx.
    now it's fresh and new. but then i tried to scan with F-prot av, in the middle of scanning, it automatically restart, then when you go into the windows, the xp error window comes up and says "the system has recovered from a serious error.....a log of this error has been created".

    here's the error message i got by disabling "automatic restart"

    stop: 0x00000023 (0x000DE00E0, 0xF8995BA8, 0xF89958A8, 0x804ED79D)

    i haven't installed any drivers yet.
    well, the xp did everything.
    this happens all the time during in the middle of the scanning.
    should i try to reinstall all the drivers using the original ones?

    system: 1.4 amd, 512 DDR, gf2 64 DDR, sblive 5.1 sc, Abit KG7 mobo.

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    Shadowrider Guest


    could it be something wrong with the hardware..?
    ie..mobo got toasted, cpu and hd too hot, RAM problem, or even vid card problem?

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    SomeUserGuy Guest


    was it a blue screen before your windows even loads? cause my sister's new comp had that problem.

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    chaychigga Guest


    do you happen to have an xp 1.4ghz processor? i read in some board a while ago that it doesnt work well with the abit kg7 motherboard. a lot of people had the same problem and some solved it with a bios upgrade or a new power supply.

    try;Q290182& to see about the stop 23 problem.

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    Shadowrider Guest


    no...there was no blue screen.
    just after it scanned, then it sort of crashed, then display the error message.
    anyway, i found out there was a virus and think that might be the cause for this.

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    hehe mate, that can be normal virus shealth algorhytm. some memory resident viruses can crush down the antivirus software if it tries to detect them. crush of antivirus software in the middle of the thread causes XP to break down because shared dll's didnt finish the job on proper way. the windows recoveres those dynamic link library files on the next bootup, and therefore it shows "recovered from serious error" message...
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    Shadowrider Guest


    wow....never heard of this kind of virus before...what exactly type of virus is this?

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    Shadowrider Guest


    and is the antivirus really related to shared dll library?
    sorry...i'm new to this.

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