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Thread: N64 Majora's Mask Emulator: Clipping Bug (?) HELP ME!!

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    Question N64 Majora's Mask Emulator: Clipping Bug (?) HELP ME!!

    Not sure if this is the right place to be asking for help, but I got the .rom from emu and I can't find a solution to my problem anywhere else.
    I've been playing Majora's Mask on the "Project 64" emulator, and having a grand old time. But now I've reached Woodfall Temple, and inside the room with the snapping turtles, I've suddenly stopped clipping! I can't attack them, and they can't attack me. I'm still clipping with the floor, walls, pillars, etc. In fact, everything but the turtles seem to be working okay.
    The only thing I can think of that might've caused this is that I used a cheat earlier to cause no clipping, but I turned it off soon after I turned it on, and that was back in the Deku Palace, which was a decent amount of time ago for that cheat to still be affecting me.
    If anyone else has experienced this or knows what's going on, please tell me. I'd love to get past this part without cheating, but I don't think I can if I can't attack these goddAMN TURTLES

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    It's almost certainly the cheat you were using, even though you've turned it off it could have affected those particular enemies/objects in an unexpected way. Try loading a save you made before enabling the cheat (a hard save rather than a save state if possible), this time not using the code at all, and see if it's fixed. If you have both a save state and hard save from before activating the cheat then you can just load the hard save and then the save state if that'll save you time.
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    Some codes can take effect for other parts of the game if the game itself does not instruct that part of the games memory to revert to it's original state so although the code is turned off some parts of the code may not of been reverted to the original values, you may want to just start over avoiding the use of that code, codes like inf HP/ aka hearts should be fine to use though

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