(My English is bad, I'm Brazilian hehe)

Hi all!
My cousins ​​and I decided to play Crash Bash. Obviously chose to play online at the comfort of each play on your PC.
After much research, we were able to start a game with 4 players (me, my brother and 2 cousins​​) in ePSXe 1.6 (anytime post a tutorial for this).
Even locally (via Kaillera), we found that it gave a little desynchronization. When any computer had some kind of delay, he usually moved and looked at someone who was synchronized screen, could play normally, at least until this PC also desynchronize. With 3 players online, is the same. With 2 players possibly not.
Ok, we could solve: turns off the sound! But I like to save the gameplays and would not be good to use a video without audio.

So I come to you looking for a solution for my case. In the case, the best possible configuration for the audio, you can generate without any kind of delay in the game.