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Thread: Speech issues in some games (EPSXE)

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    Default Speech issues in some games (EPSXE)

    I've had this problem for a while, it happens in a lot of games with spoken dialogue (but not all). Basically, say your playing a game and your character suddenly says something like "Why are doors always locked?", sometimes it will play out like "Why are door alway lo-" and the speaking just cuts out maybe a second or so too early.

    I've done a bit of googling into this problem, but couldn't turn anything up. I've not messed too much with plugin settings regarding this problem just yet because I have audio working almost perfect in games other than this weird little issue. I dont know if its something to do with buffer size, sample rate or compression settings, but if I change the buffer size it just seems to make things worse IIRC. Increasing it any further causes sound to not work at all, and decreasing it lowers the quality too much or creates other wierd audio glitches.

    Again this isn't a huge deal. Its rare that it causes me to miss important information in a game, its just an annoyance I'd like to see the last of lol.

    After trying to fix another problem, I've completely lost/forgotten my best audio settings for Eternal SPU 1.50 (why didn't I note em down FFS), but this is the plugin I use, and before I started messing with my old settings it worked almost perfectly. Heres what I have set right now:-

    -Audio Device= DirectSound, Buffer Size=128
    -Audio Out Method= SPUasync, Async Mode= Smooth
    -Misc= Wait for XA buffer free=yes, Reverb=New
    -Special Fixes= Update before accessing register

    Thanks to anyone who knows what the score is here!!
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    Sorry to bump, but its been nearly two weeks and I could really do with clearing this up! I've looked around and I can't find anything addressing this particular problem. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. Whatever the case, I've not found what I've been looking for!

    Anybody know anything about this audio problem? Its fairly common and happens in a lot of games where the characters have spoken dialogue.

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