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Thread: SSX3 on Dolphin.

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    Unhappy SSX3 on Dolphin.

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and i didn't find any threads or post that have the same question.
    When i try to play SSX3 on dolphin, i only see orange, but just in the begining.
    Then the main screen comes, but 2-Player is grey, so I can't choose it, even if i have 2 controllers connected.
    And another thing, one of the reasons ssx 3 is my favourite game EVER is the music.
    But, on my emulator, there is no music .
    Only when I'm airbourne, I hear music, but it's only the begining of the song, when I land, i-I'ts gone.
    Anyone ideas?
    I'm sure nothing is wrong with my pc, because It plays BF3 on highest settings with ease :p
    Im using DOlphin 3.0 884 Dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechrucherz View Post
    Im using DOlphin 3.0 884 Dirty.
    Key Words - 3.0-884

    Try updating Dolphin to the latest development build. Your emu version is really behind, just to let you know

    Since mentioned that you have a good pc, you shouldn't have a problem with the new LLE-like HLE audio

    If that doesn't work, go here:
    System Specs are Win7 Home Premium x64 SP1, i3-2310M @2.1GHz, 4GB Ram and 128MB Intel HD Graphics 3000.

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