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Thread: sega system 32 emulator and roms in my ftp

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    Default sega system 32 emulator and roms in my ftp

    ive added the modeler sega system 32 emualtor and roms in my ftp

    they are

    golden axe 2- 2players
    sonic the hedgehog arcade game- 3players
    spiderman arcade- 2players
    alien 3 lightgun shooter!

    try em out
    <center><a href="">
    <img src="" width=312 height=130 border=0 alt="I'm Crono!"></a>
    <p>Take the <a href="">test</a>,<br>
    Brought to you by <a href="">Shuffle or Boogie</a></center>

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    Hey Kedfow, I just got those roms from some other site and I am using Modeler for an emulator. All of my roms seem to be corrupted because the backgrounds are all messed up and glitched...especially in the Arabian Fight ROM...I was just wondering if you ever had the same problems with your ROMs or is it just that I have bad ROMs or a bad emulator???
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