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Thread: Forum Guide: Navigating Emuparadise to Find Anything You Want

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    Default Forum Guide: Navigating Emuparadise to Find Anything You Want


    Step 1: Beginning your search~

    To run a search, you’ll want to start at the main site and locate that rather hard-to-miss, “Search emuparadise…” box embedded in the upper banner. For the purposes of this little walkthrough, let’s say we’re not really too sure what it is exactly that we’re looking for, but with the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the series is at the forefront of our minds and we’d like to see more of it. Our first keyword, then, will be “Zelda.” Simple enough, right?
    Spoiler warning:

    There are 325 results. The first few that we see are television episodes, but since we haven’t yet specified a section in which to search, the results also include links from the “ROMs/ISOs/Games,” “Emulators,” “Magazines/Guides/Comics,” “TV Shows/Movies/FMVs,” and “Gaming Music” sections. Community files uploaded by forum members will be shown as well. It can be just a little overwhelming to browse through so many options, so let’s make it a little more manageable.

    Step 2: Narrowing your search~

    By this point, you should have noticed that our results page has also provided us with a smaller version of the original search field, where we can see and modify our original keywords. Available only a few pixels to the right is the first drop down menu we will use to focus our search. We’re looking for another game to sink our teeth into, so let’s isolate our search to the “ROMs/ISOs/Games” section.
    Spoiler warning:

    The instant after we’ve done this, a second drop down menu will appear, which we can use to narrow our search based on a particular system. Perhaps we’re curious to see how The Legend of Zelda was first brought to handheld systems, so we’re going to select the “Nintendo Game Boy” as our system of choice.
    Spoiler warning:

    Those decisions made, we’ll hit search and see what happens.
    Spoiler warning:

    With just a couple of clicks we’ve narrowed our 352 results to just 7. Link’s Awakening was the first and only portable Zelda game released before the Game Boy Color came out, and since we speak English, we’re going to go for the USA/Europe version of the ROM.

    Step 3: Locating and downloading your files~

    Clicking the fifth result brings us to the download page for our chosen ROM. Here we can learn more about the game we’re looking for from the descriptions and screen shots provided, submit our own, download the game, and (in this case) even play it in our browser. At the moment, we’d just like to grab the ROM and see what it’s like, and using the fourth “Quick Navigation” link is the quickest way to find the link(s) we need.
    Spoiler warning:

    One click and we’ve located the direct download link. This link will take us to the final download page, where we can grab the file. Be aware that sometimes a captcha code will be required on this page before a particular link becomes available.

    [[SPECIAL NOTE: For larger files, particularly disc images such as PSX .isos, the files may be further compressed into ECM format. Instructions for decompressing these files are included just below our direct download link.]]
    Spoiler warning:

    With the download in progress, our search is complete.


    Option 1: Browsing the main site~

    Everything hosted at Emuparadise is pretty easily accessed even if you’d rather browse what’s available rather than seek out files related to a specific set of keywords. Using the uppermost banner at the main site, you’ll find a series of drop down menus that should get you where you’d like to go with a minimum of mouse clicks and page loads. If you prefer not to use the tree menu, or if you’re having trouble with it, the side bar to the left of the main page content has all the relevant links sorted individually.

    Once you’ve chosen a section to browse, you’ve only to navigate the list of available items to find one you’re interested in. For longer lists, there will be an alphabet at the top of the section you’re browsing, from which you can select a particular letter. Choosing a letter will show you all the titles available that begin with that letter. You can also choose to list all the available titles, or sort them using the criteria provided.
    Spoiler warning:

    Option 2: Browsing the forums~

    All of the community uploads hosted at the forums will be found in the “Uploads Services” section of the Emuporium (where this guide is located). Each system has its own sub-forum, where all of the games available will be listed in individual threads. Threads can be sorted by title, using the link highlighted here.
    Spoiler warning:

    Option 3: Outdated master lists links~

    Although we will no longer be updating the master lists, they are still available in the Uploads Services section for those interested. Links to each list are provided here for your convenience. Please note, the appropriate permissions to access each sub-forum will be required to access the links in each master list.


    If you simply cannot locate the file you’re looking for, there are a couple of ways you can make a request of the community. The “ROM & ISO Requests” sub-forum exists for users to create threads asking for a particular upload. When creating your thread, be sure to include as much information as possible, both in the title and in the body of your thread. You’ll want to specify which system the game is for (especially for cross platform games), which region/language you need, and if you prefer to use links from a particular uploading service. For example, let’s say we couldn’t find The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening in our search earlier. Our request thread should look something like this:
    Spoiler warning:

    Requests can also be made in the appropriate “Request Thread,” stickied in the sub-forum for each gaming system. A single post is all that is needed when using this option, rather than creating an entire thread.


    If you encounter broken links, you can help fix them by reporting them. To report dead links on the main site, you can create a thread in the Comments/Suggestions/Broken Links & Download Problems sub-forum. When doing so, please be sure to follow these instructions from MasJ, by including as much information as possible.

    To report dead links found on the forums, there is a thread stickied in the sub-forum for each gaming system entitled “Report Dead Links.” You can make a post here (please include a link to the problem thread) and/or in the upload thread to alert the uploader to the situation.

    With these options available, there should be no need to privately contact a moderator or to use the “report post” option unless there is a violation of the forum rules.

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