just released today is the unreleased game for the megadrive Beastball.

this WAS released on the amiga 500 and atari jaguar but by the name brutal sports football.

thanks go to mrmark0673 for releasing this.

Purchase Price: Can't remember, I'll check with Matt
Purchased From: Dreamtr

Beastball is a game that was to be ported to the Sega Genesis by Spectrum Holobyte. The game was released on several other consoles as Brutal Sports Football and Crazy Football on the Jaguar and Amiga.

The game plays out as a futuristic sporting event. Your goal is to have your team score by throwing or drop kicking a ball into the goal of the opposing team. You can punch or tackle opposing players, pick up weapons like swords, bombs, and shields to attack the other tam, as well as pick up items like a rabbit or a turtle that will effect your in game speed. The game ends when time runs out or you decapitate every member of the opposing team.

At the end of the game, money is awarded for how many points you score, how many players you've killed, and if you've won. You may use this money to heal players, or to increased their stats.

There are 3 modes of play: League, Unfriendly, and Knockout. In league, you attempt to bring your team to the championship. You can record your progress with a password. You will compete against other humans as well as various other races. In Unfriendly, you choose a team and play against the computer or a second player in a single, best of three, or best of seven format. In Knockout, you can create your own 12 man tournament using any combination of human and computer players.
here is a vid for the amiga vesion of the game called brutal sports football.

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