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Thread: PCSX2-0.9.9 Configuration- FFXII

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    Default PCSX2-0.9.9 Configuration- FFXII

    Alright so i've checked everything (i think), i'm pretty sure my computer specs should run reasonably well (not the best) according to the guide

    Op System: XP Professional
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 @ 2.00GHz
    RAM: 2048MB
    Using DirectX 10
    NVIDIA GeForce 8400M

    I've got the newest ps2 emulator with the emulation preset settings at balanced yet still my fps drops too low to consider playing FFXII.
    Now my question is, is FFXII just a hard game to run? Is my computer not up to scratch? Is there something special i should do with my settings? Or should i give up on FFXII?!

    P.S - I am using a laptop if that makes a huge difference to desktop.
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    Is that a Laptop?

    First of all, your current CPU is much lower than the minimum requirement,
    whereas 2.6Ghz(for Core 2 Duo) can run most a game at playable state,
    while 3.2GHz is recommended if you want to have reasonable speed.

    Second, your GPU is weak as well, since it was integrated, the non-integrated graphic card is what recommended for PCSX2.
    Third, FFXII is one of the demanding games on PCSX2, by that, you need to have an overall strong computer to emulates it, especially the CPU.

    However, try these settings :
    - check Native resolution on GSdx settings
    - Enable Speedhacks, slide the EE bar to maximum(or enable all options, except the MTVU).
    - Set both Clamping modes to None.

    and hope for miracles to happen.
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    Thanks, I must have misunderstood the guide. Well i got a taste of the cinematics at the start of FFXII, almost worth all the effort haha

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