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Thread: Upgrade your Laptop with a USB flash drive!

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    Default Upgrade your Laptop with a USB flash drive!

    It amazes me how many people don't know about ReadyBoost. Basically, it dedicates a USB flash drive as a Paging File. Since this file is on a SSD instead of a HDD, read/write times are much faster. This means that adding a USB stick for ReadyBoost is nearly as good as a RAM upgrade, which can be a PITA on laptops. Recommended size of ReadyBoost space is 1 to 3 times your system RAM, so if you have 2GB of RAM, you want to add 2GB-6GB of ReadyBoost. A friend researched this a bit and said laptops can use up to 16 times the system RAM and get improved performance, while a Desktop PC would slow down under the same load. This means that a laptop running 4 GB RAM might benefit from as much as 64GB of ReadyBoost.

    On my older desktop with 4 GB RAM, running RIFT at max settings gave me about 4 FPS. Adding a 4GB ReadyBoost raised that up to 8 FPS. Further tinkering with NVidia control panel(pre-rendered frames, changed from 2 to 5) raised it up to 11 FPS with ReadyBoost. One 4GB USB stick nearly tripled my desktops performance.

    I highly recommend ReadyBoost, especially for Laptop users.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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