What to post when asking for help!

It's extremely annoying when people post asking for help, but they've only posted "It crashes". Please, if you're asking for help then be as thorough as you can so we can help diagnose your problem as quickly as possible.

Things you should post when asking for help:

If you don't know how to find out any of the information below then just go to start>search>dxdiag and hit enter (Windows 7 and Vista). If you're running Windows XP go to start>run>dxdiag.exe and hit enter. Show/Tell us what it says on the screen that opens, on both the system and display tabs.
Spoiler warning:

Spoiler warning:

It's important to mention what make/model as well as how many GHz it runs at, as well as how many cores it has.

Graphics card.
Spoiler warning:

Please make sure to tell us what model your video card is, whether it be an onboard chipset or a GTX295.

Spoiler warning:

Be as specific as you can when posting information about your RAM, try and state how many MB/GB and whether it's SD/DDR/DDR2/DDR3.

Operating system.
Spoiler warning:

Please mention which operating system you're using, whether it's Windows XP or Windows 7, etc. It's also important to mention whether you're using x86 (32bit) or x64 (64bit) operating system.

Spoiler warning:

Which mod you're using to load your backups, whether it be a modchip or a softmod.
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PS2 eg: FMCB memory card with ESR
Xbox eg: Softmod through XBMC dashboard
Xbox 360 eg: iXtreme 1.61
And so on.

Which brand of disc you're using.
Spoiler warning:

This can be quite important, if you're using cheap discs your console probably has issues reading them.
eg: Verbatim or Memorex, etc.

Which burning software you're using.
Spoiler warning:

This is also important, some software aren't as good as others.
eg: Nero or ImgBurn, etc.

Which brand your burner is.
Spoiler warning:

Some companies manufacture better drives than others, so it's important to have a good quality burner.
eg: Samsung or Pioneer, etc.

What speed you burned the disc at.
Spoiler warning:

Write speed is very important. If you've burned the disc too fast then there's a good chance that's the reason your console is failing to read the disc.
eg: 4x or 8x, etc.

Spoiler warning:

Which emulator you're using.
Spoiler warning:

There are lots of emulators out there, please try and be as specific as possible.

Which version of the emulator you're using.
Spoiler warning:

There are usually lots of versions of an emulator, so please be specific as to which version you're using.

Which plugins you're using.
Spoiler warning:

Please post your plugin configurations along with this information.

Have you tried an alternative ISO/ROM of the same game?
Spoiler warning:

It's possible it was a corrupt download or a bad copy of the game, it's always worth re-downloading another copy before asking for help if possible.

Or have you tried any other emulators?
Spoiler warning:

Some emulators have better compatibility than others, it's always worth trying another emulator or at least checking a compatibility list for the emulator you're using before asking for help.