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Thread: Before making a post read this!!!

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    Default Before making a post read this!!!

    Please refer to the stickied threads on spyware and video player lists if you have questions about these.

    Lots of people here are trying to get help without even explaining the problems in the right way. Please do the following :

    1. If you have problems with software applications / games post the following first

    - Operating system.
    - Software version you have problems with.
    - Complete computer configuration.
    - Device manager status.
    - DirectX version / gfx card + mainboard BIOS version and driver version.
    - If your application returned any error post it here, as it may be big help for problem fix directions.
    - Check stickied threads before making a new one.

    2. If you have questions on computer hardware connecting, please post the following:

    - Hardware manufacturer, brand, and device version.

    3. If you dont know how to dig out this data do it like this:

    - Refer to built-in help system of drivers to dig out BIOS and driver version.
    - Refer to boxes and labels of your hardware to get the info.
    - Always use certified drivers provided by your harware manufacturer, not Windows built in ones
    - If your computer is overclocked by any type, try clocking it back to its original speed it as it may fix the problem.
    - Always use latest drivers of hardware and operating system service packs and fixes.

    Please folow these directions when posting about your problems because otherwise case you may be ignored. This will mean those helping you know exactly what you are trying to say without having to ask uncessary questions.
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