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Thread: [MP3] Official Nintendo Magazine Street Fighter II Sampler*

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    Default [MP3] Official Nintendo Magazine Street Fighter II Sampler*

    An awesome little CD that was given away many years ago when Street Fighter 2 first hit the SNES, found this along with about 30 issues of Super Play a few weeks back! Enjoy

    Track List

    1. Street Fightert II Intro and Character Select
    2. Ryu's Theme
    3. Blanka's Theme and Guile's Theme
    4. Chun Li's Theme
    5. E Honda's Theme and Ken's Theme
    6. Zangief's Theme and Dhalsim's Theme
    7. Balrog's Theme and Vega's Theme
    8. Sagat's Theme and M Bison's Theme
    9. End Gam Theme 1
    10. End Game Theme 2
    11. You? and Country's Effects
    12. Round No's Effecta
    13. Signature Move Effects

    I see things you people wouldnt believe...

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    Thanks for the upload. Happy memories.

    With a little cut & paste I put together an album cover (for use with my foobar library).

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