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Thread: how to use ECM tools??

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    Default how to use ECM tools??

    i have problems with my game file format..
    im using epsxe 1.7 and im trying to run final fantasy 7 that is in bin/cue format..

    could someone pls lend me a hand...

    i dont know how to use the ecm tools, and i understand that i need to convert my game file that i downloaded here for it to be exectuable to my emulator..

    HELP PLS>!!

    thanks a lot

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    It's extremely simple. Relocate your .ecm file into the ECM Tools folder, then drag-n-drop your .ecm file onto unecm.exe. It'll do it's thing and output a un-ecm'ed file
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    and if your still stuck after that heres a guide....
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