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Thread: How to Rip Music from psp game (at3 music)

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    Default How to Rip Music from psp game (at3 music)

    In this guide ill be showing you how to rip music from a psp (even if its in a dat file.)

    Before we start there are a few things you need to know.

    1. This is done using my psp slim. its running 5.00 M33-6
    2. This must be done using a CFW.
    3. This guide uses Homebrew apps that run on slim so they might not run on 1.5 kernel firmwares. (not sure on this as i dont own one)
    4. All software will be provided at the end of the guide.
    5. The sofware for Pc is used on a Windows xp system. results may vary on other system
    7. The program list
    a. The File Splitter 1.31
    b. Nova Software "Extractor" 2.4
    c. At3 converter ver 1.1a
    d. Daemon Tools or other image mounting software.
    e. any wav to mp3 converter (unless you use flac setting)(i use SUPER)
    8. remember that you may find ways to do this different, or find games that it doesnt work with. i dont own every game, and there is always room for change or improvement so please dont flame.
    9. All files (except for the wav->mp3 converter and deamon tools) are included as a starter pack that you can download Here:
    lets get started.

    Step 1-The Install:

    First thing First, Extract and install all software.
    You will want to extract all files from the software folder into a folder on your pc.
    You will then install extractor, The File Spliter, and if you want SUPER.
    you will then drag and drop the PSP folder into the root of your memory card.
    install deamon tools if you please as well

    Step 2-The Game:

    You will need to next find the game you wish to extract the music from (i will be using Disgaea 2). For simplicity sake i will assume you are using a ISO file. Mount the iso using Deamon tools and open the drive it is on (for me it is drive E

    Step 3-Locate the music.

    Here things diverge a little. You will either have the music in a folder called sound/music (in which case head to step 5) or it will be in a archive file like a dat file. For this guide i will asume its in a archive and you need to get it out.
    You will locate the .dat file with sound/music and mark its location. (will always be in psp_game/usrdir/).

    Step 4.1-The Splitting

    You will now open The file splitter.

    Once open you will find the file you wish to split (the archive with music/sound). Now select a destination for it to split to (mine is split to the desktop. You will now select a size to split it into. I recommend spliting the files in 50MB sizes. So where it says "size of pieces:" go to custom size, type in 50, and select MB from the drop down menu.

    When done you will get a success and the file will be split in to multiple pieces (2 for me) plus a exe to recombine them.

    step 4.2-The extraction

    Time to find your music. For this part i recommend you create a folder to hold your extracted music. (mine is named Disgaea 2) and then open Extractor.

    The first thing you will want to do is select the files you wish to scan (you will want to select the files that where just split.) Now that you have that (dont forget to set you output folder just below)

    You will need to make sure that WAV is selected as the file type you are searching for. once you do that, hit Start (OH AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TURN OFF TXT).

    It should scan at a decent speed (depending on computer) and you should start to see .wav files poping up as it finds music. The reason you are looking for wave files is because psp music is in Atrac3 and Atrac3+ which are read as WAV files. Once its done You will want to select all the files (hit the "+" sign on the bottom, hit ok then hit extract, select folder, then ok)

    Step 5-the conversion

    Now that your files are extracted, we need to change the extention of all your files from .wav to .at3. There are plenty of bulk renamers that can do that if you want to, i do it by hand. Once that is done its time to convert them from at3 to wav. Copy about the first 20 songs from your directory into the MUSIC folder on your psp (usualy root:\PSP\MUSIC).

    Once done exit usb mode and start up the At3 Converter (i recommend disconnecting the usb cable as well.)

    Once started, it is usually already in wav format. so just make sure that [in] is set to your music folder and that [out] is set to [in] and hit convert. you will not sit there and wait 30+ min on it to convert all your songs depending on how long they are.

    after this stage you can check to see if it works by going back to your XMB, going to music, and if it allows you to play the file, then it worked. From here you can convert it to mp3 with your favorite converter.

    Step 6- ENJOY!!!!

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    Nice, thanks for the guide, Robert

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    Nice guide, I'm surprised this actually looks harder (maybe not so hard, but time consuming lol) than when I was making custom PMFs back in the day .
    My inbox IS NOT A REQUEST BOX , if you want to make requests maybe do it here? Someone w/ working links might help you there (I don't do requests obviously, however, feel free to let me know if a DLC file doesn't work* and needs an update ) *ex:"container error"

    How to use DLC files? Use Jdownloader
    Still looking for PS2 undubs by any chance? Try searching "PS2 undub project 2.6" @ google, it's hard to miss and you can maybe find most of em in a single search/post .

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