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Thread: Dreamcast VGA Compatability list & Guide

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    Default Dreamcast VGA Compatability list & Guide

    • This is for ripped games only, but will apply to original GD-Roms aswell using the switch trick
    • Lightguns work with CRT VGA monitors, but will not work with LCD or LED screens
    • All lightgun games are region free in VGA mode
    • Official Sega Light Gun hardware is region locked so go unofficial
    • PAL and NTSC display the same in VGA mode
    • Patching games improves VGA compatability
    • VGA switch/box trick will work but can have mixed results
    • booting games via CodeBreaker also improves VGA compatability
    • All Mil-CD backups are region free, check here to see if your Dreamcast is Mil-CD compatible

    Quick how to patch
    To Patch a game to VGA open up the cdi image in a hex editor and search for "JUE " (has 2 spaces after) (Use match case) if it finds the correct pos there is a 7 number string 5 bytes after JUE, change that string to something like "0799A10". it is just the 6th number of the 7 numbers there that needs to be changed to "1", this alone enables the VGA boot

    JUE search.png

    Key 1 for [X]
    • [X] - (VGA Compatible/Patchable)
    • [X] - (Can't run in VGA mode) [May have untested alt region]

    Key 2 for game codes
    • VGA Compatable
    • VGA Patchable
    • TV Only
    • No Release
    • Not Yet Tested

    Key 3 how the games are listed
    • Game Name - [Game Code][NTSC-U] - [Game Code][PAL-E] - PAL Game Name if different - (Display Notes) - [Extra notes]
    • PAL Name is only used when a game has a different name in PAL regions
    • Games not listed in bold have already been mentioned under the [NTSC-U] name and will direct you to the [NTSC-U] name to check
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