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Thread: Help me please! PakkIso Problem!

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    Post Help me please! PakkIso Problem!

    Hi guys ,

    i am new here on the forums ,i have a BIG problem with " Pakkiso ".

    I uninstalled PakkIso but everytime i make a rightclick on some folders ( doesnt matter which folder ) i can see some PakkIso options.

    Here is a Screenshot.

    Is there somebody who could help me please? I was wandering trough i couldnt find a solution.

    I would be very appreciated if somebody could help me out...

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    Try re-downloading the software, installing it again, and then uninstalling it using the uninstaller it comes with instead of Window's add/remove program. It should be a program called "uninstall" or similar filename that's included in the PakkISO folder.

    This worked for me, but you may have uninstalled it another way.

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