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Thread: How To Ensure Your Links Stay Alive For As Long As Possible

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    Default How To Ensure Your Links Stay Alive For As Long As Possible

    How to Ensure Your Links Stay Alive For As Long As Possible

    Things you should do to ensure they're alive as long as possible

    • Encrypt filenames
    • Always password your archives
    • Never leave links on any site clickable, always use the [code][/code] tags.
    • Never leave any ridiculous descriptions on the sites you upload the files to, like: "File uploaded for", because they can just take one look at the site and work out that the file's illegal.
    • Never use obvious filenames, naming your archive by the name of the game is just asking for it to be removed from the server quicker.
    • Create .DLC files with JDownloader rather than just posting links.

    Encrypting filenames
    Spoiler warning:

    Why? Because when the files inside the archive are encrypted and the password isn't readily available then people won't be able to find out what's inside the archive, therefore it should in theory last longer.

    How to

    When creating your archive (In WinRAR for example): Click advanced -> Set password -> Tick "encrypt filenames"

    Passwording archives
    Spoiler warning:

    Why? Because if there's a password then it stops people being able to just check what's inside the archive straight away, so it should slow down the detection of it.

    How to

    When creating your archive (In WinRAR for example): Click advanced -> Set password -> Put in your password here, and make sure to click encrypt filenames as well.

    Coding links
    Spoiler warning:

    Why? Because if the links are left clickable Megaupload or wherever you've uploaded it to can trace the file back to this site, and therefore they can delete it faster as it's coming from a site with lots of illegal downloads.

    How to

    When you're posting your links, simply put [code][/code]
    tags around your Megaupload (or whichever site you're using)'s links.

    Good descriptions
    Spoiler warning:

    Why? Because if you're linking Megaupload back to the site you've posted the links at they're at greater risk of being removed.

    How to

    Just simply put something silly in the description box like "Sup?" or even "skidgjfskdh" when prompted to, no links back to the site you've posted it at.

    Naming files efficiently
    Spoiler warning:
    Why? If your files are named "ISO_WAREZ_DELETE_ME_NOW.RAR" they're just asking to be deleted, are they not? Also leaving scene release names isn't too clever either, as they're easy to find no doubt.

    How to

    Simply in WinRAR (or whichever software you use) when compressing your image just change the title to something that doesn't give the contents away. Example "inf-ot2". This stands for Inferno (my username) and Otogi 2 (The game I posted).

    Creating DLC files
    Spoiler warning:

    Why? This is mainly helpful in case someone reposts your links on another site, if they make a DLC file's link clickable and it gets removed from the server, it's a lot less hassle to just reupload a DLC file rather than a whole game.

    How to

    This step requires JDownloader, once you've uploaded the files, copy the links. They'll now appear in the link grabber in JDownloader, right click on the package and choose "create DLC file". Simply choose where to save it and then post the DLC file here, either as an attachment or upload it to Megaupload and post a link to that rather than a link to the files themselves.

    Utilising all of these simple steps should ensure your links last as long as possible.

    I'm aware that this guide references Megaupload a lot, and that the site is no more, but the information posted in this thread is still very relevant.
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