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Thread: Forgot the name of a game? Post here.

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    Default Anyone know this game? Can you help me?

    Hello guys, i'm new here
    When i was child, I played a gameboy game that has running, jumping, throwing, and sprinting (maybe). And it has a good story, a main character, good conversation, also had a little romance. I was 8 when played that game, so i forgot the title.
    Btw, it has R J T S written above the screen gameplay. That i think it means running, jumping, throwing, and sprinting (maybe).
    Anyone know that game? Can you help me to find that game? I want to play that game again. I really miss it so much :"

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    Name forgotten.

    Its a cartridge game similar to contra. The language is probably Japanese. Its a fantasy game.
    The game starts with selecting a character.
    The game is a side scrolling type.
    After defeating countless minions/ads we reach the stairs. The stair starts from left and goes diagonally right up covering half the screen. We can choose to stay there for a while and then some boulder/meteorite fall from top to kill you.
    If we take stairs mini boss fight starts.
    The boss fight is similar to pokemon fight and you choose some attack. The boss is humanoid and probably same sized as the character.
    As the language is Japanese i just randomly select any option.
    If we win next stage starts.
    If lose then another character starts from the start and take stairs to boss.
    If boss is defeated A CIRCLE OF BLUE fire is seen. Like birthday candles on cake.
    One fire is extinguished if boss dies.
    Thats all i remember about it.

    Please help me in remembering the name.

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    Did this Shaman gal ever get into a game? I am pretty sure this is a Masamune Shirow design.

    Shaman Babe.jpg

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