We now have a new system in place that will allow us to better moderate the forums. As most of you know, you can report posts that violate the rules, such as spam, flaming, warez, etc. Reporting a post now will immediately let every staff member know of the infringing post, allowing us to deal with the post and poster much more quickly.

Please refrain from abusing the system. Use of the report post function is fully moderated by all staff so frivolity is plain for all to see. Use of common sense, of course, is expected.

What is considered abuse?

- Reporting several posts in a thread for no reason whatsoever, or just reporting random posts across the boards.
- Reporting several posts by a user for trivial/personal reasons.

Do not, however, let this discourage you from reporting infringing posts.

For those that don't know, you can report a post via the report post icon in the top right of the post, next to the reputation icon. It is a triangular sign with a black line down it, somewhat resembling a SMV sign.