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Thread: General Rules

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    Default General Rules

    1) No Pornographic Material - That's pretty self explanatory. Don't post any images containing any sort of nudity including men, women, or any other kind of wierd stuff. And no linking to porn sites either. If we see images like that, they will be removed, and possible infractions will be handed out. This also includes these types of images in avatars, signatures, and profile pictures. No exceptions. This includes trying to avoid it by having links to sites in your profile.

    EDIT: This also includes any porn material sent via the private message feature.

    2) No Warez - This means no requesting, sharing, linking, etc, of retail games for computers. This also includes such things as programs, non-game related music, movies, games, cracks, serial numbers, keygenerators, and links to them. This is an emulation community, so we don't support nor tolerate the trading/linking to, of these things here.

    3) No multiple accounts - Do not make multiple accounts. If you do, they will be deleted or banned.

    4) Don't attack members - This includes constant flaming, harassment, etc. Normally, we tolerate some good natured ribbing in the confines of the Hangout. However, if it looks to be getting out of hand, we expect you to take it to private messages, or to a messenger service.

    5) Ignorant posts - Posts that are racist, sexist, or hateful, will be deleted.

    6) Do not spam - The staff has become lenient on some forms of spam, like spam that is somewhat amusing, and yet also on topic. Any other forms of spam will be deleted.

    7) No double posting - There is an edit button below your posts for a reason, people. It isn't hard to find, nor hard to use. So no multi-posting outside of The Hangout.

    8) Post count increase - Don't go around posting random things or spamming with the intentions of raising your post count. If we find out that is happening, said posts will be deleted.

    9) User profile images - Avatars for normal members are set to 100x100. For staff members, they are set to 150x200. As for user profile pictures, regular members have a size limit of 100x100. Staff members have a size limit of 150x200.
    Pictures in signatures can't be larger than the following limits:
    Static pictures: 400 pixels wide 250 pixels height.
    Animated gifs: 300 pixels wide 130 pixels height; 600 KBs filesize.
    The rest of the rules also apply to avatars, profile pictures and signatures, no advertising, no warez and no porn. The staff members will remove any picture that's considered not appropriated.

    10) No advertising - If you signed up just to advertise something, you will be banned on the spot. This includes trying to avoid it by having links to sites in your profile

    11) Language - English is the official language of the forums. Foreign languages may be used in the Hangout but they are not permitted elsewhere on the board.

    12) Seniority - If you're a long standing member here, act like one. Don't attack new members if they don't please you in some way or another. Instead, try to help them when you can.

    13) Listen to the staff - We are Moderators, Super Moderators, and Administrators for a reason. Because we know the rules more than regular members, and we enforce them. If we ask that you stop doing something, or need to moderate you or a situation involving you, we expect you to comply.

    14) Backseat moderating - Leave the moderating to the actual staff members. If you see something that needs to be taken care of, send a private message to that sections moderator, or send one to a super moderator/admin. Members also have the option of using our Report Post button when they see any posts that need to be tended to. There are a few options to choose from.

    15) Imposters - We don't tolerate anyone who impersonates staff members. If we see this, you will be asked to stop. If you do not, actions will be taken against you.

    16) Bumping - Bumping old threads (reviving them or necro-posting) isn't allowed. Threads are autolocked after three months. If you want to have a thread reopened, please PM a staff member.

    17) No Illegal Activities - Do not discuss illegal activities such as cracking or any form of hacking that can be or is used for unethical use (anything that can be used to cause any form of damage onto somebody unwillingly).

    18) Meaningful Thread Titles - Please make the title of your thread meaningful. That means instead of making the title of your thread "plz halp!," make it something meaningful such as "I'm having issues trying to run ePSXe under linux"

    19) Off-site Linking - Please refrain from linking people away from this site immediately following a request. If it does not appear that anyone will be able to fulfill a request without linking to another emulation site after about three or four days, then you may go ahead and link to the other site.

    20) Link Stealing - Do not steal other people's links. This means do not go to another forum, find a game or other file somebody else has uploaded and repost the links here. Violations will be deleted.

    21) Proxies - Please do not discuss or provide links to proxies.
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