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Thread: ePSXe video plugin problem

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    Default ePSXe video plugin problem

    Okay, this is my first post on these forums and I didn't see any threads on this and I didn't see any faq about this, if there is, please direct me.

    Well here we go. I downloaded the ePSXe 1.6.0 from I got the launcher and plugin pack as well as the scph1001.bin BIOS. I unzipped and installed the plugins in the plugin folder and got the BIOS configured and everything. When I went to configure the emulator it said that I didn't have the video configured, and when I checked there were no plugins available in the dropdown for the video configuration settings. So I went and downloaded Pete's GPU Plugins from I unzipped that in the plugin folder but it still didn't show up on my dropdown menu for the ePSXe video configuration even though all the other configuration aspects such as sound work fine. If anyone can help me with this I'd be eternally grateful, thanks all.

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    I have the same problem, only for me it comes and goes.

    So far, the only "solution" I've found is to use a front-end like ePSXecutor with ePSXe:

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    Try deleting the ePSXe registry entries.
    It should *rid* of that problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by SevenToDeadly
    I unzipped that in the plugin folder
    Make sure the *.dll is in the root of the plugin parent folder, not in another daugther folder.
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    Help in setting or using ePSXe? Get all the info you need using the ePSXe Configuration Handbook

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