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Thread: can someone please help me. what does "loaded battery" means?.

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    Default can someone please help me. what does "loaded battery" means?.

    i need help.. im new to emulators..

    what does "loaded battery means?."

    i just downloaded vba beta and downloaded pokemon emerald version(UE).gba..

    but it just wont work..

    it only display "loaded battery".. then nothing happens after that..

    can someone please help me.?

    thanks in advance..

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    Click this link and dl and install vba-over.ini following the steps described there or it won't work, it will fix your problem so you can play this and other gba game listed there.

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    it's still the same.. it still displayed the "loaded battery thing"..

    i'd downloaded the file.. the extract it to vba folder then set the save game to automatic and 64k flash..

    but still nothing happens..

    thanks for your kindness though..

    do you have any other idea how i can fix this problem?.

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    You needed to delete your old saves and save states of the game you are having problems with for vba_over to work

    if that still doesn't work please tell me what game/rom you are having problems with, it is possible that vba over does not include the rom you are trying to get to work

    once I have that information I can update the vba_over to include the game you are having problems with

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